Bead Star winner

Bead Star winner

luni, 11 februarie 2013


    Colier realizat prin tehnica „bead embroidery”. Am folosit margele toho  ( nr.8 , 11 si nr.15 , cub 4 mm), margele Tila si perle de sticla creponate. Piesa centrala este o floare din sidef.

Bead embroidery necklace . I use Tila beads, Toho nr. 8 , 11 and 15 (white and silver ) , Toho 4 mm cube beads and pearls. The central piece is a Mother of Pearl (sidef) flower.

Gyongy himzessel keszult nyakek.  

Decoupage big clock

marți, 5 februarie 2013

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